In order to deliver you the experience you are looking for we have tailored what we can deliver into four core skill sets, which are both the foundation and mainstay of all Special Forces and Secret Service operatives.


Secret Agents over the years have had various weapons of choice to allow them to function without drawing too much attention while trying to conceal them. They varied from a Beretta .25 automatic, and the 7.65mm Walther PPK to modern hand guns of today including the Glock 17 and Sig Sauer P226. In more testing, open-air environments the Smith & Wesson Centennial Air-Weight .38 to pack more punch.

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Explosives devices are unfortunately an everyday reality in today’s hostile environments. Through learning how to make and use them, we will also teach you how to spot and destroy them.

In the world of Special Forces, explosives are used to manipulate environments by trapping the enemy or diverting them through prescribed routes to create killing zones. We will show you how.

Our facilities were built for and utilised by the UK’s elite forces. They are available to us for non-military use where we provide extensive individual, group and team building exercises.

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Spying is one of the most mysterious and evocative professions on the planet. Spies are trained in “Tradecraft” the dark arts of being a spy, which allows them to work in either Covert or Clandestine capacity, and always within a hostile environment with dire consequences of being discovered or “blown”.

You learn how to conduct yourself, gather the necessary intelligence, pass this on to your superiors, use this information to your advantage, foil the enemy looking for you, and win. When operations are covert, operatives are visible but are hiding the true purpose of what they are up to, and have ready when required, a realistic cover story that explains their presences and actions, whilst remaining confident and natural in order to carry this off successfully.

When operations are clandestine they are conducted in complete secrecy, hiding not only the purpose, but the activity from inquisitive eyes. There is no cover story, and intentions are probably obvious if observed so the entire focus becomes to not be discovered or seen.

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This is a vast subject which covers the techniques that are taught to all those who may find themselves in isolated situations in a hostile environment, typically to those designated as “high risk of capture” e.g., Pilots, Snipers, Special Forces, and Spies.

With Survival, the emphasis is teaching you to be able to live off the land; the better you are able to do this,the more time you have to figure out your escape or for friendly forces to find and extract you. The focus wherever you are is always on Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food.

You will be taught to assess the threat that is being forced upon you, retain a positive mental attitude, use established procedures, create and follow your evasion plan of action, be patient and flexible, live off the land, and conserve strength for critical periods.

You have been Abducted / Kidnapped; what can you expect and how do you handle yourself ? The captors main aim is to extract as much information from you. This can be personal details, information about your unit, or even the remainder of the team that may still be at large. The information that they can extract from you can jeopardise present or future operations, and also lives of comrades, to that end you need to be mentally prepared for all interrogation techniques.

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